Manto was born in the autumn of 2005 in Mantua, Italy. The brand philosophy is simple: to create outerwear based on the grand tradition of tailoring. Manufacturing is strictly and exclusively Made In Italy, in small artisanal workshops and laboratories scattered throughout our country which today still strive to uphold the gold standard that made Italian manufacturing famous worldwide. Our garments are not designed to follow the trends of the moment but to be timeless pieces, ever appropriate, always stylish. The man who wears Manto is assuredly dressed for today and tomorrow. We gather our inspiration by responding to a mixture of retail data, historical archives, old movies and iconic pieces from the menswear lexicon. We tweak, twist and revisit wardrobe favorites, combining the finest fabrics that the tradition of menswear has to offer, while featuring the latest technical innovations to propose a unique and indispensable blend of luxury and comfort.  Manto uses the finest Napa leathers, French suedes and Karakull shearlings, and maintains a focus on sustainability. Our motivation extends to both our customer and the planet: we aim to offer the highest quality while causing the least possible disruption.