Maurizio Baldassari

The first Maurizio Baldassari collection was presented in Milan in the 1980’s and since then he has been operating from the historic showroom in via Solferino in the heart of Brera. First in Italy and then in the rest of the world he has upheld the values of elegance, quality and creativity which have made great the Italian fashion in the whole world. His constant inspiration over the years has been the quest for top quality materials, the “well done” and the made in Italy. Maurizio Baldassari became a symbol of a new mix between Italian elegance and the modern, personal and unique Milanese style. Today, after almost 50 years, the adventure continues along the original inspiring principles. Maurizio’s sons Renato and Roberto have joined the firm and are contributing with their know-how and solid professional skills in keeping the Maurizio Baldassari brand a true Italian family concern.