Rossopuro is the leading brand of the Ciocca Group, for over a century specialised in the processing of the noblest textile fibers. The history of the Ciocca Company spans the entire twentieth century up to the present day. It was Luigi Ciocca who opened in Milan, in 1912, the hosiery factory that still bears his name and that today is run by his grandchildren. In the following decades, Calzificio Ciocca established itself as a leading company in Italy in the production of stockings in wool, cotton and other fibers. In the same years, the production of stockings was flanked by the production of knitwear. In 1929, when he was just eighteen years old, his son Giuseppe entered the factory. In 1991 Giuseppe Ciocca passed handed over the responsibility to his sons to whom he delivered a company among the first in terms of sales network, for technology investments and research, attentive to product quality and precise customer service