Tombolini, heritage reloaded

Tombolini has re-organized its range of proposals – putting the stress on an up-to-date elegance full of tradition  – for the FW 2020-21 collections, with its brands TOMBOLINI and TMB. “

The TOMBOLINI proposal consists of Classic, Zero Gravity, Washable and Travel lines. The 100% Made in Italy tailoring is the dominant feature of this line, which combines heritage, research, cutting-edge production technologies. The Italian know-how is the distinctive characteristic of the Classical collection, which is the most formal with its fluid, lengtehned, reassuring and never ordinary shapes. The anatomy of the jacket is based on the saddle shoulder, high waist, wide lapel and generous lenghts, while pleated pants have a tight bottom. All this combined together to have a slim figure. Coats with their shoulders and lenghts follow the mood of the jackets.

Research is enriched by lightness – the absolute must – in the Zero Gravity suits, which weight around 300 g; while the Travel line draws inspiration from the “bleisure” traveler, who loves to mix some measured eccentricities into their business trip. The Washable line presents ultra light suits and jackets, which are washable at 30 degrees in the washing machine, ready to be worn straight from the luggage and still perfect even after a long work day.

The proposal is integrated by vests, pea coats, coats and jackets, which can be matched to the suit as easily as for a shirt. Shapes are fluid and underlined by soft fabrics with garment/dyed super light wool and silk blend. Accessories play a key role: high and soft sneakers, the T-ways give personality and the cashmere and silk blend T-shirts give the tone to those who want to give to the outfit a ready-to-perform appeal. Refined and never aggressive, the palette range from mélange to stronger colours thanks to green ottanio  and wine red hints.

TMB: Contemporary Casual

Free from formal projects, TMB embodies the most modern spirit of the brand and consists of Dream, J (that stands for Jersey), Running and TMB Sport lines. For each and every line environmental sustainability and research are the key values with pieces of clothing which are perfect for the metropolitan lifestyle of the millenial globetrotter who prefers a refined comfort to the rigidity.

The Running project is based on high-tech micro polyester or tech-wool fabrics realized starting from comfortable and light jersey. Pants, which are richer and richer in details, have the drawstring and the elastic at the bottom to be easier and more pleasant on the eye. They are a perfect match with sneakers, T-shirts and garments with hood.

Dream, J and TMB Sport lines have the same strong sporty vocation as the Running project. They were created as a response to the predominant streetwear, enriched with sartorial character. The accurate choice of the colours goes hand in hand with with soft and fluid lines: ivory mixed with beige and very light grey, camel nuances with brown, dark brown softens the charcoal gray, the softness of the black and the TMB blue, revised to the denim world to be more sporty.